Friday, 1 May 2009

Sex Kitchen Love Cooks "Original Recipe"

That ol’ Midwest rock n roll. Remember the Other Kids, remember the Replacements, and now, Sex Kitchen Love Cooks. What a name - did they lose a bet? Original Recipe is their far from fully realised debut, but with enough potential on show to make up for any misgivings. Bruised pop songs and lo-groove rock n roll will always float my boat and SKLC serve up lashings of both. It’s an album chock full of tunes and bittersweet songs that demand a little sing-a-long action. The production is sadly non-existent, or so brilliantly subtle that it’s inaudible, and the cover art is (be polite, be polite)... naive. But don’t be fooled by all this primitivism, it just means they’ve concentrated their efforts in pre-production, getting the music right in the garage, before hitting a studio. Frankly, the best songs here, "Mr. Midnight" and "Small Town", and that’s just a couple of ‘em, more than make up for any trivial shortcomings concerning the packaging. Pretty ain’t everything.

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