Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Music Reviews

For those of you who didn’t know us before our transformation from black beaked scavenger to razor toothed bottom feeder, you’ll need to know the sort of thing we review and whether you should send us some music to pick at. Remember, we write about whatever we like, whatever mood we’re in. No promises. At the moment guitars feature prominently. And analogue synths. Alt. country outsiders, jangle pop - Byrds to now. Old rickety blues is cool, preferably performed by rickety old black gentlemen. If we’re sitting down, 70s folk rock and contemporary acid folk, 50s / 60s jazz, singer-songwriters with something to say, Texas roots and a smattering of Krautrock. If we’re standing up, classic punk 75-79 - UK and US - post punk up to the mid 80s, early 70s South American psych and Mexican garage bands. 70s / 80s electronica, if we’re robot dancing.

So then, pretty much the same as everyone else. E-mail for a post address.

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