Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Fahrenheit 451 / Brave New World

After nearly a dozen years, Culture Vulture is no more. We used to distribute our little magazine, free of charge, around the local record shops and venues and all was well. People liked our reviews, bought the records and went to see the bands. Everyone was happy, love flowed and the music played. Then they shut the record shops, and the people were sad. They started downloading their tunes, and buying their CDs online, which made them a little happier, but they missed seeing their friends on a Saturday afternoon, because the only recommendations they received now were from the computers at Amazon and iTunes (based on previous purchases...). Then they closed the venues down, and the people were even sadder. They couldn’t see their favourite bands play live on a Friday night, and they had to go to festivals instead, sleep in a tent, eat lots of chips and get smelly. They couldn’t pick up their copy of Culture Vulture either, so they began to think it was all right to start liking U2 again. So Culture Vulture is no more because there’s nowhere left to stock it. We took all the old copies into the yard, splashed petrol on it, and burnt it good. We’ve embraced the future. When the going got impossible, we started blogging. It’s a pitiful excuse for what went before, but this is all there is.

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